Khombat Podcast #045 feat. Anthony Jimenez (Khombat) Detroit


This is a live set recorded on August 3rd 2013 at “I am not to be Trusted” in Ann Arbor Michigan for Dub Monitor. The driving force behind the Khombat label, Anthony Jimenez (pronounced hee-MEH-nes) has smashed his way into the DJ circuit with his steady dose of dark driving techno. Using an all-digital platform, […]

Khombat Podcast #044 feat. Kata Mercado (Ketra Records) Chile


Kata Mercado Vrsalovic was born in Santiago de Chile , of Croatian origin . In the 89′. At so young developed a strong interest in the art , in particular : the music. 
She began her career in electronic music in 2006 and soon was recognized for her talent and booked in important events in […]

Khombat Podcast #043 feat. Revy (Bleepsequence) Pittsburgh, USA


Revy originally hails from the Pacific Northwest, but after slipping into a dimensional rift in Tokyo he has found himself transplanted into the ‘burgh. Armed with a laptop and eclectic tastes in audio/visual design, his goal is to open minds to his unique blends of heady experimental techno and melt eyeballs with architextural pixeljunk. On […]

Khombat Podcast #042 feat. Joel Morgan (Blank Code) Detroit, USA


Joel Morgan is a native of Detroit, Michigan and is part of its ever-present music scene. He has cultivated his roots in this community, and continually sharpens his skills as a DJ and producer. He diligently experiments and creates his music with genuine love and talent. Joel is a down-to-earth and no-nonsense kind of guy. […]

Khombat Podcast #041 feat. Altstadt Echo (Dub Monitor) Detroit, USA


For this episode of the podcast we bring you very special live mix from Altstadt Echo! This mix was recorded live at The Works in Detroit for Khombats very first event in our new home city, Activate! Altstadt Echo is a DJ, producer and writer for Dub Monitor and Resident Advisor. Here is a little […]

Khombat Podcast #040 feat. Darw_n (Sphere) Cleveland, USA


Currently based in Cleveland, darw_n now takes on a selective, quiet role in the tech scene; focusing on intimate settings; events that guarantee a vibe that is simple and pure. But his past, aside from all the gigs and residencies, does have some worth in mentioning. With a childhood background steeped heavily in his family’s […]

Khombat Podcast #039 feat. Gene Hoffmann (Jesus Horse) Melbourne, Australia


Gene Hoffmann has been an active part of the world techno fraternity since 1996. He is known for his multichannel DJ sets that blend a wide range of techno, enticing the mind and feet, and for his infectious enthusiasm for techno music in general. Between 1998 and 2006 Gene worked as a busy techno DJ […]

Khombat Podcast #038 feat. Ninna V (Naked Lunch) Porto, Portugal


Ninna V. started working as dj at Mercado Bar, Porto, as a resident in 1992, just after she was a resident at Club Cais 447, in Matosinhos, Porto, as well,where she stayed till 93.When these club and bar closed, she went to Marechal Bar and stayed as resident for 1 year. In that time there […]

Khombat Podcast #037 feat. Margin Walker (Dystopian Rhythm) Detroit, USA


Margin Walker got his start DJing at warehouse parties in the late 1990s. After nearly a decade away, he returned and co-founded Dystopian Rhythm Records with partner Garrett Dillon. While concentrating on heavy, dark, and raw techno, he also dabbles in dub techno. His debut release is scheduled for late spring 2013.   RA Soundcloud […]

Khombat Podcast #036 feat. Aerodromme (Tribal Vision) Toronto, Canada


Aerodrömme is a vibrant duo project based in Toronto, Canada. The act was created by was created by Boris “Shankar” Kurtzman and Steve Chan, the two members share strong passion for music. Aerodrömme has emerged as one of the most promising names in the Progressive Techno circuit. Their style is an effective blend of progressive […]

Khombat Podcast #035 feat. Funk Detective (Khombat) Cleveland, USA


Jason has spun many forms of minimal and techno for the past ten years, honing his track selection for maximum listener enjoyment. He has bumped beats at events with some of the worlds most prominent djs and producers (3 Channels, Dan Bell, Someone Else, Miskate, dj Swamp, Worthy, Derek Plaslaiko, Smash TV, and Lee Curtis […]

Khombat Podcast #034 feat. Anthony Jimenez (Khombat) Detroit, USA


  The driving force behind the Khombat label, Anthony Jimenez (pronounced hee-MEH-nes) has smashed his way into the dj circuit with his steady dose of dark driving techno. Using an all-digital platform, Anthony loops and layers different elements during his sets to create a totally unique performance every time he plays. Currently Anthony can be […]

Khombat Podcast #033 feat. Digital IQ (Mintec) Detroit, USA


Brandon Vanno has been an avid and uncompromising EDM enthusiast since the mid-nineties. Having listened to many forms of music prior to age 21, he always felt he was missing something. Upon relocating to Detroit in 1996, Brandon found what he was looking for. Electronic music gave him a since of identity…. and ignited a […]

Khombat Podcast #032 feat. Naoko (House of Styles) Pittsburgh, USA


Born and raised in Hikone, Japan, Naoko had very little exposure to modern dance music. Infrequently, she would hear dance music when visiting nearby towns( like Kyoto) but not enough to impact her. It wasn’t until she moved to Pittsburgh in 2001, that she was exposed to underground dance music on a consistent basis. A […]

Khombat Podcast #031 feat. Oliver Koop (LR.prod) Brussels, Belgium


Oliver Koop resides in Europe’s capital: Brussels, Belgium. Influenced by artists like Derrick May, Surgeon, Jeff Mills and UR, Oliver started mixing in 1998. In 2004 he started to produce his own tracks. His own productions can be called deep and dark minimal, strong techno and everything in between. He really has a passion for […]

Khombat Podcast #030 feat. Cozmic Spore (Cozmic Spore Records) Detroit, USA


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Mike Brickner ( Cozmic Spore ) discovered his true calling in life in 1993 and set out to create his own brand of techno music. In 1996, fate and destiny brought 2 disturbed techno minds together and Mike and his former partner created Seismic Records Detroit in 1998 but is […]

Khombat Podcast #029 feat. Akkya (CityWall Records) Brighton, UK


Inspired by the second summer of love and producing on trackers from age 13, alongside the early Atari ST Demo scene – Akkya was then introduced to Techno at the legendary Clueless Soundsystem parties and soon after started Dj’ing, playing at, and then creating free parties from the mid 90′s. He then moved on to […]

Khombat Podcast #028 feat. Relative Q (Humanaut) Pittsburgh, USA


when he was five, relative_q killed a lion with his bare hands. impressed by his ferocity, ares, the god of war, gave him his first synthesizer. he has been making electronic music ever since. his discography includes two critically-acclaimed albums on seminal netlabel one recordings, as well as eps, compilation appearances, and remixes on such labels as dpulse, petite+jolie, bleepsequence, […]

Khombat Podcast #027 feat. Andy James (Khombat) Cleveland,USA


Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Andy James was inspired by earlier electronic groups like Kraftwerk, New Order, Depeche Mode, Meat Beat Manifesto, Orbital, 808 State, and Underworld. He started to spin records and go to parties regularly in 1998. Andy has rocked dancefloors all over the United States with his brand of bangin’ funky […]

Khombat Podcast #026 feat. TBLNC – Tokyo, Japan


  TBLNC, techno music Dj, was brought up in Toyama, Japan where he began to Dj in clubs at his age 19. When he turned 22, he decided to move to Tokyo, Japan to build up his career as producer/sound designer working in the Japanese music industry.  Inspired by the works of Jeff Mills and […]

Khombat Podcast #025 feat. DJ Seoul and T Linder 2×4 (Detroit Techno Militia)Detroit,USA


DOWNLOAD   T. Linder… A veteran DJ with fifteen years of experience under his belt; Detroit native, T.Linder has done his homework and paid his dues. T.Linder takes a no-nonsense, working-class approach to the art of spinning records. He cites old-school Detroit street jocks: Jeff Mills, Claude Young, Gary Chandler, Terrence Parker and Steve “DJ […]

Khombat Podcast #024 feat Corbin Davis (Blank Code) Detroit, USA


Khombat Podcast #024 feat Corbin Davis (Blank Code) Detroit, USA by Khombat Podcast on Mixcloud   DOWNLOAD Corbin Davis has been a permanent fixture in the Detroit electronic music scene since the mid 1990′s. Corbin spent his first 10 years perfecting the art of DJing. He has performed in every “Legendary” Detroit venue and other […]

Khombat Podcast #023 feat. Naoko (House of Styles/Pittsburgh)


Khombat Podcast #023 feat. Naoko (House of Styles/Pittsburgh) by Khombat Podcast on Mixcloud DOWNLOAD Born and raised in Hikone, Japan, Naoko had very little exposure to modern dance music. Infrequently, she would hear dance music when visiting nearby towns( like Kyoto) but not enough to impact her. It wasn’t until she moved to Pittsburgh in […]

Khombat Podcast #022 feat. Ken Masters


Real name / Kenneth Martinez Ken Masters came into the scene in 1999 as a promoter at various night clubs in NY such as Roxy, Limelight, Sound Factory, Webster Hall, and Exit. After 8 years of doing promotions, he redirected his focus into music and learned how to dj. Within 2 years since first learning […]